2.1ch Speaker Bar System SBX-D201

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  • Stealth Speaker Bar

    Today’s televisions are fantastic. You can find TVs with a huge range of features from 4K, HDTV and HDR to 3D and Internet connectivity. Unfortunately the form factor slimming down has meant a huge sacrifice one key feature – audio quality.

    Pioneer has an innovative solution. Its new Stealth Designed Speaker Bar SBX-D201 is a sleek, high-performance way to boost your TV's audio without the tangled wires of a surround sound system. But the best part about this product is that it can become invisible!

  • Invisibility

    A sound bar or speaker bar is a great way to upgrade your TV, but what if it does not match your TV size?

    The SBX-D201 solves that problem. You can place its satellite speakers horizontally or vertically in front of or behind your TV. The non-directional subwoofer bar also
    works equally well in front of or behind your TV. There is no huge subwoofer box, just great and high-quality sound. This is innovation. This is Stealth Design!

  • High quality audio performance

    The SBX-D201’s satellite speakers have a unique front firing design which enhances the flow of audio under and around the TV. The double firing bazooka style subwoofer delivers strong bass from any location. Additionally, the system includes DTS Studio Sound and Dolby Digital for a realistic and immersive surround experience. Whether you prefer to listen to music or watch movies, this speaker bar delivers.

  • Connectivity

    SBX-D201 offers a number of connectivity options including Bluetooth, HDMI and 3.5mm mini plug. Operation is user friendly with a simple, ergonomic infrared remote control.

  • Pioneer’s New Stealth Designed Speaker Bar looks great… or not. You can decide to either show it off or hide it but one thing is for certain - the SBX-D201 will greatly enhance the audio of your living room!