CD Receiver System X-HM26

  • Silver


  • Listen to your favourite music from various sources including CDs, FM radio, and USB memories. You can even stream songs from your smartphone and other compatible devices via Bluetooth® Wireless Technology.

  • Built-in Bluetooth Wireless Technology

    The built-in Bluetooth Wireless Technology lets you easily stream music from compatible devices such as smartphones, tablets, or personal computers. Enjoy your favourite songs with hassle-free connection.

  • Bluetooth Auto Reconnect/Bluetooth Wakeup

    With the Bluetooth Auto Reconnect function, the system automatically reconnects with your Bluetooth enabled device after the initial pairing. If you set the system to Bluetooth Wakeup, the power will automatically turn on, and the function is switched to Bluetooth Audio when you play your Bluetooth enabled device.

  • "P.BASS" Bass Enhancer

    The "P.BASS" function emphasises the bass frequencies for a powerful sound. The function is available by default when you first turn the power on, and can be turned off with the remote control.

  • Sound Equaliser

    You can fine-tune the sound to suit your preference using the four equaliser presets.

    Flat: a flat, basic sound
    Active: powerful sound with emphasis on low and high tones
    Dialogue: makes radio or vocal sound more easy to hear
    Night: optimised for listening at a low volume

  • Auto Standby

    No need to worry if you left the power on. The system will automatically switch to standby after being left uncontrolled for a while.