Integrated Amplifier A-70DA


Experience the high-fidelity amplification created by the A-70DA-K/-S Class D integrated amplifier featuring ESS SABRE32 Ultra DAC, preamplifier with fully-balanced circuitry, and balanced input. The USB-DAC featuring asynchronous transfer supports up to 384 kHz LPCM and 11.2 MHz DSD files, letting you enjoy extremely precise reproduction of Hi-Res Audio sources.

The Latest High-Fidelity Class D Amplifier

Pioneer has considerable advantage over other manufacturers with unrivalled experience in digital amplifiers. Through extensive research, development, and component reviews, the latest High-Fidelity Class D amplifier on the power amplifier part achieved improved transmission efficiency, to reproduce a more expressive fine sound. The High- Fidelity Class D amplifier downsized the circuit and heat sink by introducing the“Direct Power FET”with a high-efficiency drive for the output element, and significantly reduced electric signal loss and resonance noise. The High-Fidelity Class D amplifier also enabled the installation of a large-capacity power supply, which enhances the rapid production and control of the quick-responding sound unique to the Class D amplifier, allowing you to enjoy“dynamic low pitch”music.

Preamplifier with Fully-Balanced Circuitry

The preamplifier part is equipped with a full-balanced circuitry which enables high-resolution sound reproduction. The signals from the analogue balanced input are sent with high-grade balanced transmission, while directly delivering to the input stage of the High-Fidelity Class D amplifier. The result is clear audio reproduction with reduced noise and clear sound. You can also enjoy high-grade balanced connection with balanced output components, such as Pioneer’s N-70A network audio player and U-05 USB DAC.

Analogue Balanced Input (XLR3)

Highly Renowned NEUTRIK terminals are used for analogue balance input (XLR3), achieving high-resolution sound by quality signal transmission to the pre-amplifier with fully-balanced circuitry design.
The“hot”function can be switched between pin 2 and 3.

Twin Transformers in Shield Cases

Twin transformers—for the power amp and the pre amp—help keep the noise in the small signal area from transferring to the primary side of the power amp block, where it can significantly affect sound quality. The transformers are shielded in separate blocks with infill to minimise leakage flux from the transformer.


High-performance 8ch ESS SABRE32 Ultra DAC is adopted on the A-70DA-K/-S. It features low noise and high S/N ratio that enable 4ch parallel drive for each channel at maximum 384 kHz. The result is clear and open, yet solid sound with superior audio quality.

384 kHz/32-bit USB-DAC for Asynchronous Transfer

The integrated amplifier allows direct USB connection with a PC. What’s more, the signal transfer is done with USB asynchronous trans- fer mode, which controls the transfer process by using its high-accu- racy clock, ensuring high-quality sound reproduction. This eliminates jitter, reproducing master quality sound with extremely precise audio signals. In addition to 11.2 MHz DSD, the unit supports LPCM with sampling frequency of 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, 352.8, and 384 kHz, and quantization bit rate of 16, 24, and 32 bits.

Aluminium Panels and Knobs

Aluminium panels are used on the front and the sides, with extra-thick 3.5 mm front panel and 1.8 mm side panels providing rigidity for a stable performance. The machine-cut aluminium volume knob offers a solid, high-grade feel and style. The Input Selector, Balance, and Bass/Treble knobs are also made of aluminium.

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