SACD/CD Player PD-50AE


The PD-50AE SACD player is compatible with a wide range of media and formats, including MQA. Benefitting from Pioneer’s extensive optical disc know-how, it is equipped with original technologies for pickup control and a quiet, Anti-vibration drive mechanism. And thanks to its ESS DAC and Discrete analogue/digital power supply, the PD-50AE can deliver studio-quality high-fidelity reproduction.

Works as a USB D/A Converter

In addition to being a SACD/CD player, the PD-50AE also functions as a USB D/A converter for delivering superb sound. The carefully designed build-quality brings out the full potential of the high performance ESS DAC, letting you enjoy solid sound full of rich details from the connected USB devices.
*Supported OSs of PC to be connected are Windows10® and Mac OS X. No driver installation required

Analogue/Digital Discrete Power Supply Circuitry

The digital and analogue circuitries each have discrete power supply. The PD-50AE is designed with the shortest and the most optimal power supply stage as well as audio signal path, to provide pure and rich sound reproduction.

Quiet SACD/CD Drive with Honeycomb Design and Superb Damping

The extensive optical pickup control know-how that Pioneer has acquired over its long history has equipped the PD-50AE with an unrivalled level of disc-playback precision. A honeycomb construction around the drive mechanism – like that used for covering the mechanical components of Pioneer’s renowned PD-70AE – helps to shield the DAC and other electronic components, while the PD-50AE also features a newly developed float-mounting structure for the drive.

MQA (Master Quality Authenticated)

MQA is an award-winning British technology that delivers the sound of the original master recording. The master MQA file is fully authenticated and is small enough to stream or download. With high-fidelity streaming service TIDAL now supporting MQA as part of its superior HiFi tier Masters catalogue, the impetus for wider adoption of this new technology is growing. The music catalogues of some of the largest studios are being converted to MQA. PD-50AE includes a full MQA Decoder which will unfold the file to deliver the highest possible sound quality. At this level of playback you are hearing what the artists created in the studio.


In addition to enjoying mobile streaming services, the discerning audiophile can purchase MQA-encoded content on physical media for enjoying at home. PD-50AE is a CD player that can recognise an MQA-CD. The built-in MQA decoder will automatically restore the high-resolution signal heard in the studio and confirm it, using the authentication signature. In addition, PD-50AE also supports playback of MQA files stored on DVD-R.

Custom Electrolytic Capacitors for High-Quality Audio

A custom electrolytic capacitor for high-grade audio has been selected through repeated trials in listening to SACD and CD sound. The capacitor brings out the best from audio discs, letting you enjoy stable performance of powerful and dynamic sound.

Lock Range Adjust Function

The function allows you to make fine adjustments in the DAC’s lock range to reduce jitter in the input signal. Adjustments can be made in six steps, with the default set at Range 6. Ranges 1 to 3 are intended for fine- tuning by expert users, with increased frequency of audio cuts.

Digital Filter

The digital filter lets you enjoy three types of sound characteristics by switching the DAC—“Slow” for soft and warm, “Sharp” for solid and tight, and “Short” for quick and forward sound.


Up-sampling technology raises the quality of CD audio to high-resolution levels, resulting in a more natural, dynamic sound.

Anti-Standing Wave Insulator

The Anti-Standing Wave Insulator has been developed through repeated listening tests, featuring a special form with no parallel sides inside to prevent cavity resonance. This makes the sound localization, tone, and scale clearer, while also enhancing the response to quick sound.

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