Network Stereo Receiver SX-N30


Enjoy audio entertainment from a wide range of sources, including Hi-Res Audio files, Internet radio programmes, and even vinyl records with the SX-N30-K/-S network stereo receiver. Built-in Bluetooth Wireless Technology, DLNA Certification(1.5), AirPlay, and built-in Wi-Fi allows you to easily stream songs from your smartphone, laptop, NAS, and other compatible devices. Equipped with a discrete high-output amplifier, the unit is based on the Direct Energy design that achieves high S/N and signal transmission through component layout and individual circuit block optimization.

Ready for Dedicated Application "ControlApp"

By downloading the free app to your iPhone/iPod touch or Android device, you can control the volume and other basic functions of the SX-N30-K/-S. The app also allows you to play audio files or select internet radio stations from smartphones and other devices connected by DLNA on your home network.

* The network stereo receiver and the ControlApp installed device need to be on the same home network.

AirPlay Wireless Audio

AirPlay—Enthusiasts have complete access, control and playback of their entire iTunes music library wirelessly through the SX-N30-K/-S. You can quickly and easily enjoy all your music with song information and album art simultaneously displayed on a connected monitor/TV.

* Available features depend on iPod/iPhone/iPad model

DLNA CertifiedTM (1.5)

The SX-N30-K/-S is DLNA CertifiedTM(1.5), enabled to work not only as a Digital Media Player (2-Box Pull System) for playing DMS audio files, but also as a Digital Media Renderer (3-Box System) to be remotely controlled by a device such as a smartphone or home computer. For example, you can play music content* from a home computer in another room, from a separate device in your living room. As a DMR (2-Box Push System), the SX-N30-K/-S can also play received audio data when you control the DMS.

* Depending on file structure and server capacity, it may not be possible to play certain files. Playback of DRM protected commercial content requiring DTCP-IP link protection is not supported.

Compatible with Windows 8.1

The SX-N30-K/-S is compatible with Windows 8.1, letting you easily stream music from compatible PCs on your home network.

Internet Radio (TuneIn)

The SX-N30-K/-S comes preset with TuneIn for listening to a multitude of radio programmes from around the world on the internet. LAN connection allows radio access without having to use your computer. You can easily browse stations using the remote control.

Built-in Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

With the built-in Bluetooth Wireless Technology (ver. 2.1+EDR), you can easily stream songs from compatible devices. The SX-N30-K/-S features Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) and Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP), with support for SBC codec.

Built-in Wi-Fi

Enjoy network features via wireless LAN connection. The built-in Wi-Fi supports 2.4 GHz frequency channel.

Phono Input

The SX-N30-K/-S is equipped with the MM phono input, so vinyl enthusiasts can easily connect a turntable and listen to their record collection in quality sound.

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