Blu-ray 3D Disc Player BDP-X300


In addition to spectacular video experience with Ultra HD (4K/24p) upscaling, the BDP-X300 Blu-ray 3DTM Disc player offers high-quality sound reproduction for your audio entertainment, with Hi-Res Audio playback, exclusive audio DAC circuit board and shielded power supply, and HQ Sound feature. The BDP-X300 comes in a matching design and colours with Pioneer’s AV receivers, including the anti-standing wave insulator, letting you enjoy a neat setup. As a universal media player, the unit provides easy playback of various sources with built-in Wi-Fi®, MiracastTM, and DLNATM.

Design for Quality Sound

The BDP-X300 is elaborately designed to reproduce high-quality sound, including the dedicated 192 kHz/24-bit audio DAC circuit board, shielded case for the power supply (SMPS), and gold-plated HDMI and audio terminals. The embossing on the shield case and the special inner form of the Anti-Standing Wave Insulator also help to suppress standing waves.

HQ Sound

With the HQ Sound function, the BDP-X300 transfers muted video signal to the AV receiver or TV via HDMI. This prevents the video signal from becoming noise that affects the audio signal, and supports clear analogue audio output.

Various Playable Formats (Disc/USB*/Network)

A wide range of audio, video, and image files shown below can be played back via disc, USB, or network. The BDP-X300 is compatible with almost any disc, regardless of format or condition**. You can even listen to Hi-Res Audio files, such as 192 kHz/24-bit WAV/FLAC in 2ch/multi-ch, 192 kHz/24-bit ALAC in 2ch, and 2.8 MHz DSD in 2ch/ multi-ch.

Ultra HD (4K/24p) Upscaling

The BDP-X300 automatically upscales 1080/24p video sources to 4K/24p when connected to a 4K/24p compatible display. Enjoy superb images with a picture quality four times the Full HD resolution. Video signals in other resolutions can also be upscaled to 4K/24p by selecting resolution from the Initial Setup menu.

Miracast Wireless Video Streaming

Share the excitement by mirroring smartphone videos, photos, apps, or games on the large TV screen. Miracast uses Wi-Fi Direct, letting you wirelessly transmit visual content from a compatible smartphone, tablet, or personal computer without using a LAN access point.

DLNA Certi ed (1.5) with Trick Play Features

Stream your whole library of music, video, and photo files from DLNA Certified products such as a NAS, smartphone, or personal computer. You can easily locate a scene with fast/slow forward scan and fast/ slow backward scan features.
* Function may not work depending on server or file.

Built-in Wi-Fi

Easily connect to your home network with the built-in Wi-Fi, and enjoy wireless streaming of online content. Since no LAN cables are required, you can place the BDP-X300 anywhere you want.

iControlAV5 Remote App Ready

With the free iControlAV5 app, you can use your iPod touch, iPhone, iPad or Android device for operating the BDP-X300’s basic functions. Compatible Pioneer AV receivers can also be controlled.
* Connection to a home network in a wireless LAN environment required.

*1 Depending on file structure and server capacity, it may not be possible to play certain files, including those listed on above chart as playable formats. Files protected by DRM (Digital Rights
Management) cannot be played. Only play/pause can be controlled during DMR operation. AVCHD contents cannot be played via LAN.
*2 Available for free download from the App Store/the Google Play™

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