Slim CD Micro System X-SMC02

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If you love to have music around, but have limited space in your room, here’s the perfect solution. In a simple slim body that can be placed on a shelf or wall-mounted, the X-SMC02 lets you listen to songs via Audio in/USB/Bluetooth connection, play CDs, or enjoy FM radio programmes. The Auto Wakeup function activated by Audio in connection provides hassle-free instant playback from smartphones or digital audio players. Enjoy the widespreading stereo sound across your room, delivered from the outward-facing speaker units.

Easy to Place Slim Design

Designed to fit almost any space, the X-SMC02 is slim and compact with a simple style that blends well with any room décor, while adding a touch of sophistication.
The rear-tapering shape makes it an easy fit for corners,while the slight upward tilt is an ideal form for placing on a table. You can also wall-mount the system with the keyholes on the back.

Room-Filling Sound with Outward Facing Speakers

The speaker units are faced outward by an 8-degree angle, which allows the sound to spread out to a wide area. Regardless of where you listen, you can enjoy room-filling stereo sound, quite unlike those expected from an all-in-one system.

Instant Playback with Auto Wakeup

Just plug in your smartphone or digital audio player to the Audio in, and the Auto Wakeup function will detect the signal from the terminal, turn on the system’s power, and automatically switch the input source. You can immediately play music from your device via a simple and secure wired connection.

Built-in Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

Easily stream music from compatible devices such as smartphones, tablets, or personal computers with the built-in Bluetooth® Wireless Technology (ver. 4.1+EDR). The X-SMC02 features A2DP/AVRCP profiles, with support for SBC codec. After the initial pairing, the Bluetooth Auto Connect function will automatically connect your Bluetooth enabled device with the system.

Everything You Need in One

Whether you want to plug & play via Audio in, listen to CD albums, play songs from USB devices, tune in to FM radio stations, or enjoy wireless streaming with Bluetooth, the X-SMC02 has them all. You can even charge your smartphone via USB, or start/end the day with your favourite tune using the Wakeup/Sleep Timer.

Equaliser for Customised Sound

You can fine-tune the sound to suit your preference using the four equaliser presets.

    Active: powerful sound with emphasis on low and high tones
    Dialogue: radio or vocal sound is made easier to hear
    Night: optimised for listening at a low volume
    P.BASS: emphasises the bass frequencies for a powerful sound

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